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Accepting Applications Starting in August 2017

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A leader in the industry, DHL Supply Chain in Groveport, OH considers its people as the company’s most valuable assets. Our success is directly related to the skills and knowledge our associates bring to the organization and our customers.

That is why we are always looking for smart individuals with diverse backgrounds. We want people who like to ask questions, solve problems, and insist on finding better ways to do things. These are the types of people winning logistics companies are made of.

Our Values

We all share a set of common values.

  • Deliver excellent quality.
  • Make our customers successful.
  • Foster openness.
  • Set and follow clear priorities.
  • Develop entrepreneurship.
  • Become socially responsible.
  • Act with integrity.

These values bring us together as associates and set us apart from other logistics companies. We work with high expectations and a true sense of purpose. We also promise our customers the best possible supply chain management experience, and we are committed to making this a reality.

Join Our Team

Please note that applications will be accepted beginning August 2017.

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General Open Positions

Minimum Requirements for All Positions

You must be able to lift 30 to 60 pounds repetitively and be comfortable working on your feet 8 to 12 hours per day.


Matchers work on the front side of the put-wall, scanning UPC’s and placing product in the proper cubby in order to complete orders.


Pullers work on the back side of the put-wall, taking the completed orders out of the cubby and placing it in a tote headed to the packing lanes.


This function packages products into pre-determined carton sizes that will be shipped directly to the customer. Packers also perform general housekeeping roles as necessary.


Pickers select products from active pick locations according to the customer order. Experience with an RF unit is preferred.

Tower Runner

Tower runners are responsible for restocking inventory into the active pick locations. Experience with an RF unit is preferred.

Inbound Receiver

This function is responsible for accurately receiving products from inbound shipments. Strong attention to detail is needed.


This function completes research for the systematic “order destination.” This role requires high proficiency with operating an RF unit. Experience with Manhattan Warehouse systems is highly preferred.

Problem Resolution/Aged Orders

This is a problem resolution and research role for correcting errors within an order. The role requires the ability to solve problems, and candidates should have high proficiency in operating an RF unit. Experience with Manhattan Warehouse systems is highly preferred.

Wave/Customer Service Clerk

This role requires high proficiency in Microsoft Office and the ability to solve problems while navigating across multiple programs. Strong attention to detail is required. Experience with Manhattan Warehouse systems is highly preferred.

Returns Clerk

This role is responsible for processing customer returns to ensure timely and accurate credit back to the customer. Candidates must be proficient with Microsoft Office.

Inventory Control Clerk/Tote Buster/Cycle Counter

This role is responsible for the inventory integrity of the site or a specific customer order. Previous experience using Manhattan Warehouse systems is highly preferred.

Residual Maintenance Clerk

This role ensues locations are available in a timely manner while removing excess units from locations.

Forklift Driver

This role is responsible for driving both the stand-up order picker and reach. The driver will put away or pull products from the reserve inventory locations, and then place them in active inventory locations. This role will use an RF unit.

Promising career opportunities await you in August.
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